Shattering Glass

This is a good book becouse that it's about this nerd named simon glass and he was the school loke. But this kid named rob Is gonna try to get simon to be class favorite. Rob and his friends young, bob/ bobster, and coop tried to help him get in with the other peole of the school. But everybody sill thought that he was still a joke. But then simon started makeing jokes and got alot more people to like him better.But after a while he becomes kinda popular with everybody. 




This is the second book of brians adventure But this time he is not even close to were he was when he had the plan crash and he is not alone.

This guy named Derek Hulzter came to Brians house and asked Brian if he whated to servive out in canada again but this time he would be going with Derek. Brian goes and they leave all the stuff behind because Brian thought it was to much for trying to servive. But derek talked him in to keeping the radio so they could call for help if they need it. Then they start makeing a shelter and getting fire wood. But one knight there was a bad thunder storm and derek went to reach for the radio and the lighting it the radio and him. Then Brian woke up and rememberd that the lighting hit them and he found derek laying on the ground moshinless but brian found out that derek was in a small coma. After a while Brian built a raft and ut derek on it and went down river. The River was moveing slow until they got to the rapid and Brian got thrown off and watch Derek go down river. After he got out of the rapids he went down river and fornd derek in bushes and got Derek and the raft out and went down river and found the lodge and the people there got derek and Brian to the hospital. 




Night comic

This comic is showing how bad the nazi treated the jews during the war. It shows how they inprisoned the jews in the consitration camps. This was how Hitler realy thought.



Brian's Winter By GARY PAULSEN

This book is telling you what would happen to Brian if he stayed were he was throw the winter.

Brian is stuck in the canadian woods for almost two months then the snow starts to fall. Then he thinks to use the rabbit skin for something to keep him warm. He makes a pair of moccasin to keep his feet warm. Then he starts to make a vest to keep his upper body more warm. He starts to make a bigger bow that he calls his war bow because it's about as big as he is. He decides to go hunting with his war bow and he finds this half eaten deer that he skins and cuts it up for food. After awhile he makes a friend with a skunk that saves his live from a bear. He has his own thanksgiving with moose meat and berry.


 I think people will like this book because it has a lot of suspense and it always has you wondering what's next. This book is one of many because Gary Paulsen wrote many books on brian like the first book of the series hatchet witch this book is in the same place of hatchet. But brian knows more then he dose from when he first came in the Canadian wilderness. But so far I think this is the best book of the series. 

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