sweethears is written by Sara Zarr.This book starts out a young girl named jennifer harris with a best friend her one and only friend cameron quick.Jennifer and cameron are social outcasts.thats why when cameron quick one day dissappears jennifer has a breakdown.nobody knows what happened to cameron quick some say he died some that he just moved.over time jennifer forgets about the terrible things people say and cameron quick fades up until her sixteenth birthday when she finds a card she knows is from cameron.HE IS BACK!by this time jennifer is no longer she lives by a new name jenna she is skinny and popular.cameron slowly makes his way back into her life.He moves in for days at a time but cameron quick never stays in one place to long will jenna and cameron ever know there true feelings for eachother read the book and find out its great i would recommened it to everyone who loves to read.default
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tragic flaw

1.Antonio expects his ships to come in and make him money but instead lead to him getting in debt with Shylock.

1.Counting my chickens has gotten me in trouble like inviting my friends over because I think my parents will say yes and they say no and everyone gets mad at me.

1.Stop inviting people over without asking first default


Nowhere fast

nowhere fast is written by Kevin waltman its about two young boys one is a trouble maker and the other tries to get away from it.The trouble maker decides he wants to take a mans car for a joy ride.The man catches on but makes them a deal.He will let them drive the car around if they help him do things aound the house.The boys agree but get caught up in more then they can handle.This is a great book but semi serious you have to like to read.But i recommened this book to anyone that likes to read.default


The book crank is written by Ellen Hopkins its confusing but exceptionally good. Its confusing because the context she uses she switchs from two diffrent views.She is a young teenage girl caught up in the life of boys and drugs.She moves in with her father where all the life altering decisions start.She is torn between her good girl and bad girl ways and which one she should listen to.This book is made for teens who love to read it is very long but i doesnt take that much time to read but its worth the effort.I recommened this book to anyone who loves to read about teen problems and decisions.I loved it.
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