Reflection (stretch)

I have gone out of my comfort zone more than once this year. The  main time was doing the vignette project. In this project you had to talk about personal thing that I really never usually talk to people about. I took this project very serious. It was hard to write about my family but it helped me work though it all. I can’t think but to thank Mrs. DeRaps for the help and time she put in to making this project creative and interesting. I feel the hardest vignette was the willow tree. It was difficult to express myself as a tree and find similarities. I am comfortable with the out come of my project.

Reflection (English class)

This class although I wasn't here for the whole year when i was here it was interesting. Between the plays, poems and project we were always busy. I think that the most enjoyable thing we did this year was acting out The Merchant of Venice. Mrs. DeRaps is a very creative thinking person. She always has project for us that makes think in a creative way. We had to work for our grades they weren’t just handed out to us. In this class I think that the thing I am going to remember the most is the vignette project. Even if the writings weren’t long they made me think. The project reflects on pass history in my life. We really had to think when writing the vignette. Reading House On Mango Street was helpful in the writing process. It gave us examples to help us with our projects. By her past life experiences showed us what is going on in the world both in her generations an d in ours. This year was a very helpful in my growth as a student as well as a person. Thank you Mrs. DeRaps for your help.                       


tragic flaws

How do Shylock’s emotions lead to his downfall? Shylock's emotions lead to his down fall because he was so detremind to stick to the contract the he made himself lose out.

How has counting your chickens too soon ever gotten you in trouble or led to your downfall? Counting your chicken too soon is a bad thing because you don't know how things are going to act or happen.

What can you do to make sure your tragic flaw doesn't lead to your downfall? To make sure you tragic flaw doesn't lead to your down fall you can not count on something that could change in a second.


Elizabeth I and the Elizabethan Period: a Brief Introduction

6 facts:

-She was 25 years old when became queen in 1558
-born in 1533. She died in 1603 she was 70.
-Queen Elizabeth was not the first in line for the throne she was the thrid but the people died

-Elizabeth was suited for the role of monarch by her intellect and attitude.

-She brought England back to it policitcal and religous stabilty. 



Elizabeth was born in 1533. She became Queen in 1558. Elizabeth was not the first to come to the throne, she was the thrid. The others died before they became queen. The monarchy was establish when Queen Elizabeth became queen. She was suited by her intellect and attitude. In her 45 years of being queen she brought england back to it policitcal and religous stabilty. Queen Elizabeth 1th died in 1603.



The first picture is of auschwitz. This is the second nazi camp the Elie wiesel went to. Its one of the biggest camps. The bottom is of the camp signs that were on the outside of the camps.  


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