The book that I just read was Damage and the auther is A.M.Jenkins. I think this boook was good. It talked about what an athlete goes through when they start a sport. And it also talks about what some young boys go through when they have girlfrends. This book was very interesting becuse it was very much like real life.

          The book didn't really relate to my life except for the part about playing sports. The book was realistic about starting sports when you're out of shape. But some of the other little things didnt relate to my life like the suicide thoughts.

          This book is a quick read, it is only 186 pages. It is well written and it is pretty exiting all the way through the book. I recommend this book for anyone who likes to read about sports and even if you just like to read a good book this is one.


Intro to Shakespeare's Merchant Of Venice (Group 3)

Definition of monolgue: uninterrupted speech or poem by a single person. 



Night Comic

default In this comic i was trying to show you how some cartoons are just like the lives that some jews have lived.

Into The Wild

defaultI just read a book called Into The Wild. The author is Jon Krakauer. The book is about a man that goes on a trip to Alaska. He went on that trip to start a new life. But he didn't drive himself, he hitchhiked all the way. Also he started out by giving all the money in his bank account to a local charity. Then he burned all the money in his wallet and set out on his journey.

The part that I liked the most is when he left his car and burned all his money. I liked that part because it showed that he was commited to what he was going to do. The part that I didn't really like is when the author interveiwed the family after they found out that he had died and was found by a moose hunter. I didn't really like it because it was kinda boring for me.

I think this would be a good book for someone that likes adventure books and nonfiction books. This book is not a series book so if you like series books this is not one. But if you don't like series books this is one that you should check out. This book is not a quick read book; it has 207 pages and is meant for adults.



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