Tragic flaw

1).Because Shylock wants revenge so bad that he will do anything to get it.....AKA (Antonio's Heart)

2).When I think about other people I sometimes does not work out well for me and my not be the right jugement.

 3).Leave peolpe, work on my own and not let personal feeling git in the way of my success.


                                                 heart of Antonio!!!!!!!!!!



The story is about a orc who's family was betrade and slaughterd at birth. He was then found by a human military leader and was forced to fight in the arena to make the military leader money. The orcs name is Thrall which means slave, Thrall befriends a young Girl who later frees Thrall. Thrall then begins his jouney to find his clan that his father was chieftan of, the white wolf clan.                                                                          

Halo - The Fall of Reach

Halo - The Fall of Reach - by Eric nylund is a book based on a aword winning videogame and it  is about a alien organization bent on the detruction of humanity. The SPARTAN program is in its begining stage, and Spartan 117 (the master chief) who was forced away from his family at the age of 6 the train in the UNSC (Humanitys military force) as spartan leader has one mission, save man kind. The covinent (alien organization) have been praying on planits for several years and now they are targiting Reach. Reach is a militar complex planit. the Master Chief's objective is to succesflly comendear a covinent war ship, while the reast of thr 30 Spartans on on the planit Reach trying to provent its destruction. On his mission he is acompaneid by the AI (Artifical Intelegence) named Cortona, Caption Kyes and brave certifide warhip pilot, his faithfull spartan team Linda, and Jaimes, followed by a whole arsinal of highy destructive weponry.


I think that the book is a grate book and would be exciting for anyone who loves military and suspence in a wonderfull combanation. The book is around 300 or more pages long but you will git sucked in to the never ending action of combat that this book has to offer.

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