Questions for me to answer

1. He expects suff that he might not get, anything could happen.

2. I've punched my brother when I should have walked away, I was charged with assault because i was mad.

1. Think before I act.





I love the American way. Talk is cheap, We take action.


"Shattering Glass" - By Gail Giles

Wile in Mrs. DeRaps class the best teacher ever I read an awsome book called Shattering Glass by Gail Giles. This book was full of twist and turn and a big mystery is found halfway through but not revealed as soon as you would think. This is a book mostly for high school people but can be enjoyed by everyone since most people went to high school.

 This book takes place in Texas with four senior in high school. There're just an ordanary group of friends hanging out and having fun. One day in lunch the leader of the group sees a geek being picked on by the class bully. He desides to try and make the geek class favoret and popular and turn the bully into a zero. For the most part it works but the ending will shock you.

I recomend this book for people in high school and up. This in my opinion is a great book.


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