Count Down

I read the Count Down by Daniel Parker. This was a good book. I didn't think it was the best of books but it was ok. This book was about the plague that killed all the adults. A devastating new plague has descended upon the tennage survivors-a swarming, deafening terror that blackens the sky. 

I would segest this book to more men the wemon, cause it was a lot more for men.





Tragic Flaw

1.) Antonio said that he could make more then he owed, But Shylock said that he diddn't care how much money he owed him he was being stubborn and he wanted Antonios pound of flesh. Then Antonio was being overconfident and was like i have ships coming in that have all this money on them.

2.) One time in class I was having a bad day and I got mad and gave up in class and fliped out and got kicked out of class. Then I had got a detention.

3.) Next time I am going to go and talk to the teacher. Then tell them I am having a bad day and so they now and not just think I am being rude.



Goosebumps (The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp)

I read the book The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp, by R.L.Stine. This book started with a veary strange howling sound at night. Then finding rabbits torn to shreds. Everyone thinks it is Gradys new dog who is responsible. After all he loks just like a wolf, an seems a little on the wild side. But Grady knows his dog is just a regular old dog. An most dogs dont howl at the moon. Or disapear at midnight. Or change into terrifying creature when the moon is full.

I would recommend this book to boys and girls cause its about dog and wolfs and both thing relat to this book.

This book was a quick read book.(123pg.)



Stuck In Neutral

I read the book Stuck In Neutral, by Terry Trueman. This book was about This boy names Shawn McDaniel. His life is not what it may seem. He is stuck in his wheelchair. Unable to move one muscle, not even an eye. His father thinks that he is suffering. As long as Shawn is unable to communicate his true fellings to his father, Shawns life is in danger. To ther world, Shawns senses seems dead. Within these pages, however, we meet a side of him that no one has seen-a spirit that is rich beyond imagining, breathing life.

I would recommend this book to boys and girl. Because this book shows that some kids dont even get to speak, never mind move. I really enjoyed this book alot.

This book was a quick read book.(114pg.)


Comic Life

This comic is showing how people were starved and people nowadays think that when you can't eat for a couple of hours that think they are going to die. When these kids in the concentration camp are hungry they are not exaggerating. This picture shows that they are going to die within weeks from not eating.
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