Mandatory Post

I really liked this class a lot. I especially liked all the hands on work we did, like the vignette project. I learn better that way. I didn't really like all the books we read though. I don't really like shakespeare. At the beginning of the year I really couldn't write poems either. As the year went on I started doing better and better with Mrs. DeRaps help. I've also learned that I have become more independent. As you can tell Im still not very good at writing these type of things.
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One thing that helped me improve my creativity this year was doing the vignette project. If I really try I can indeed write. I do need a little extra help getting started though. I needed a lot of help with being more creative and in depth (feeling, taste, smell, sight). Mrs. DeRaps helped me through all that this year.Thank you

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Tragic Flaw

1. Shylock wants revenge and he will do anything to get it. He also refused to look at the contract. AndShylock ended up paying for it.

2. Well, i thought that someone did some thing they didnt and i trashed their room...they didnt do it.

3. Dont assume things.



comic life


Stuck in Neutral-by Terry Trueman

     Shawn McDaniel is fourteen years old. His muscles in his body dont work, so he is stuck in a wheelchair. He thinks normally but nobody knows that because he cant talk. Also, he remembers eveything, literally. Shawn wishes that people could know that he is smart. he wants poeple to know that there is someone inside the body that doesn't work.
    My favorite part is when Shawn pretty much fell in love with his sisters friend. It made me happy because  he never felt that way before. Its also sad because he never gets to feel that love.
    I think other people should read this because its very interesting to maybe know what would be going on inside a persons head that cant speak, or have any emotions. Sealed
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