Tragic Flaw

1. Shylocks emotions lead to his downfall because he is very greedy therefor he thinks that he needs things opposed to wanting them. He is also FOR revenge. He uses revenge towards antonio by getting him to sign a contract saying that he needs to give him a pound of his flesh.


default2. yeah I think that I have let my emotions run me. I have a very bad temper therefor if someone does something to me then I use revenge to get back at them. When a person uses revenge them it could effect them as well as getting back at the person sometimes when I use revenge them I get in trouble in the proces.


3. The thing about my tragic flaw is that sometimes I can not control it but I really try to so I dont get into trouble. I know that my tragic flaw is deffanatly my temper. I really need to learn how to control my anger and not just lash out at people.


Intro to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice Group 1

Tragicomedy- Fictional work that blends aspects of genres,tragedy and comedy in English litrature from Shekespeare's time to the nineteenth century.


defaultI read the book Burned by Ellen Hopkins. This book is a very long book that is 532 pages. It is written in poetic form. It is about a girl named Pattyn who is mormon and her dad is an alcoholic and drinks all the time when he is not working. When her dad drinks he gets violent and beats his wife. The girls mom has a bunch of kids. She eventually gets really rebelous  and meets a guy named Derrick when she is out shooting her gun. They get friendly and start dating but he dumps her later the same week. This guy was a very bad influence on her and she started to drink beer then she started to drink the hard stuff. She sees Derrick and his new girlfriend in the hallway and after he leaves she punches his new girlfriend in the face. Her father gets very mad and sends her to live with his sister for awhile over the summer. While she is there she meet this guy and fell in love with him. She also hears things about her aunts past. Her aunt Jan and Pattyn's father have some history and no longer get along. While at her aunt's house  she gets news that her mother is pregnant AGAIN! some bad things later happen and things go very wrong for Pattyn.

 I love all of Ellen Hopkins books I think they are great. This book is long but goes by very fast because there can be only a few sentences on a page. If you like books that are written poetic form then this is a book for you. I would say that this book is more for girls than guys because it is in a girls perspective. 


Comic Life

defaultThis comic is showing that anyone who says that they are starving to death is using a hyperbole. A hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration. You really are not starving to death the man in this picture is starving to death because people won't feed him. This relates to the book Night because the people in the concentration camp are starving to death.

The Summoning

default I read the book The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. This book is a great book about a fifteen year old girl named Chloe Saunders who sees dead people and can communicate with them. Her parents think that she is troubled and send her to a troubled teens center called lyle house. She later then finds out that she is not the only one there who has special abilties. She make a friend  who gets taken away from the Lyle House for something that you will later learn in the book. Chloe eventually can talk to her and see her even though she is not even there. So is she dead or alive?

This book is awesome. I love it. It is a fairly long book around four hundred pages long. This book is a novel so it does leave you hanging at the end but the second book is coming out in April and I plan to buy that one too. If you would like to read this book and can't find it I own it so let me know and I will let you read it.

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