Low comedy

Not useing your head often stupied and vulgar


It is an example because Jake is talking about the food cupcake and Charlie was eluding to sex.

The part whare Jake keeps talking bout the food and his uncle is not talking about the same thing. He was eluding to sex and Jake did not get it.


My favorit comedy was satire because it uses ridicule and sarcasm.

My least favorit was low comedy I did not really find it that funny. 






Someone Like You Qestions

*Chapter 5*

1) What was Halley's thoughts when when Scarlett touled her she was pregnant?pg.96


2)What was the time frame Scarlett and Halley had to tell Marion that Scarlett was pregnant? pg.97


3) If you ever had to tell someone that you were pregnant who would you tell first and why?


4)What was the month and year that Halley's grandmother was born? pg.100


5) If you were in Halley's shoes what would you tell your parents if they busted you?


6) How do you think you would get punished if you were Scarlett and Halley?

*Chapter 6*

1)What did Halley get for a punishment? Do you think that the punishment was fair? pg.117


2)What is Halley's mom's reaction to Scarlett being pregnant?pg. 120-121


3)How old is Clara the Vaughns daughter? pg.122

4)How do you think your parents would react if they found out that one of your close friends were pregnant?

*Chapter 7*

1)Whare was Halley's party? Who was there? pg.126


2)What would your dream birthday? What types of things would you want to do?


3)Whare did Macon take Halley for her birthday?pg.128

4)How would you feel if you were to lose your bestfriend?


*Chapter 8*

1)What two things does Scarlet eat all the time?


2)What was Elizabeth Gunderson had been doing since Michael had died? pg.135


3)What does Halley tell the teacher what is wrong with Scarlett?pg.136


4)Would you help out a friend in need? Explain.


5)Who was in the bathroom and heard everything that Scarlett and Halley were saying? pg.139

*Chapter 9*

1)How did Halley feel knowing she was named after her grandmother? pg.145


2)How would you feel if you were named after your grandmother?


3) Whare did Cameron spend the last 5 years? pg.149


4) Whare did Macon live?pg.155


5)Describe the room that Haylley and Macon go into? pg.155


6)How would you feel knowing that your parents were sad not fourious that You have been lying?


Chapter 10

1)What was Scarletts doctors name?pg.163

2)What was Scarlett conserned with?pg.165


3) How would you feel if your parents did not approve who you were dating?


Chapter 11

1) How would you feel if you and your father had the same realtionship as Haylley and her dad?



2)Whare did Haylley and her dad go for Thanksgiving? pg.177


3) How would you react if you were in Haylley's shoes with Macon?


Chapter 12

1) What would your reaction be if your granddmother did not know who you were untill someone said something?



2) Who was with Scarlett during her thanksgiving meal?pg.192


3)What types of things did Haylley find in the cabinet ay her grandmothers? pg.193


Chapter 13

1)How would you feel if you were in Scarlett's position with her boss?


2)How would you like someone that is there for you all the time like Haylley and Scarlett?


3) Why do you that Macon has changed sense his incadent with Haylley?


4) Whare has Elizabeth been seeing Macon?


5)Would you be as exicited as Scarlett was feeling the baby kick?


              *Chapter 14*

1) What would you do if your mom tried forcing you to stay home on New Year's eve?

2)What do you think Scarlett wanted to say to Haylley? What would you say to one of your friends if they were acting like Haylley?

3)What was Haylly and Scarlett's secret code? pg.223

4)If you were in Haylley's position what would you do? pg.230-231

        *Chapter 15*

1) If you were Haylley what would you say to Macon at this time? How would you feel?

   *Chapter 16*

1 )Describe what had happened to Haylley? pg.235

2)What would be running through your mind if that was you?

3)What do you think happened to Macon?

4) What do you think your parents would do?

    *Chapter 17*

1)What did Macon do when Haylley got homr from the hospital? pg.239

2) What does Scarlett beleive that Macon should be doing? pg.240

3)What was Macon's explaination  for not showing up at the hospital? pg.242

      *Chapter 18*

1) Who does Haylley go to prom with? pg.249

2)What did Haylley give to Scarlett for her baby shower? pg.253

3)What Happened to Haylley before entering prom? pg.264

4) What happens to Scarlett at the prom? pg.264 

5) Who offers them a ride to the hospital?pg.266

   *Chapter 19*

1 ) What does Scarlett have? Boy or Girl 

2) What was the baby's name? 






Bradbury Quote Analysis

"There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them."

This quote relates to Fahrenheit 451 the book because the book is about the burning of books. It says how the burning of books is a crime and how not reading books is worse than burning them. There are a lot of books that get burned in the book because the government in the book does not approve of books. The people under that government cannot have books in their home or even read anything to do with books. If they find out the firemen come and burn all the books that they find. Montag does not feel that  reading the books is a crime. He reads them himself. Montag is running away because he was caught and he wants to make it so make it so that everybody can read books.

I do not see how reading a book would be a bad thing. Not reading books takes away history, knowledge, and information. How much would we know if we did not have books?  This quotes means a lot because it is the truth. Reading a book should not be considered a crime.

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